Driftwood Beach Club

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March is here!!!


March is here, and the March winds are bringing great waves to the Driftwood beach! The surfers, kite boarders, and boogie boarders are all out. Come sit under our Tiki Huts on the patio or lounge in the sand under a palm tree, and watch the show. Relax, play, have fun at the Driftwood Beach Club!!

 ***Need a Shuttle from the airport… call T.J Tours Transportation – 954-568-6011***

($35 for 2 people) 




A Message from the Driftwood Board of Directors

Driftwood Board President Mike Matuzak and the Board of Directors have great news regarding the capital improvements to the property. We are pleased to report that during the September maintenance weeks, 8 kitchen areas, and 16 living rooms and accessories were replaced.

New awnings to the Parking Lot Reception Area and Beach Patio were installed. We have new landscaping around the property, updated fence decor and the parking lot was resealed and striped. New exterior light fixtures were installed, all interior units and the exterior pool were painted.

Future projects we have planned are built-in barbeque grills, and the replacement of the air conditioning tower with a smaller and more efficient unit.

We look forward to a great 2015!