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Ft. Lauderdale- 4th Most Affordable Vacation Place!

The city made the top 10 list of cheap vacation spots. The others were Orlando (No. 2), Tampa (No. 3) and Jacksonville

(No. 9).

The estimated cost of a three-day vacation in Fort Lauderdale came out to $2,563.

In addition to low airfare, car rental rates and dining costs, Fort Lauderdale has  great weather,  golf courses, an accessible downtown area and   Everglades National Park.


The snowbirds are gone…

The kids are out of school!

The balmy weather is PERFECT every day…

See you on the beach at Driftwood Beach Club.

Driftwood Fisherman of the Year

Tom O’Donnell, from Oregon, caught a 35 pound Mackerel on the Helen S. Drift Fishing Boat last week!

He won the prize ( $$$) for catching the biggest fish. Plan a fishing trip during your stay at Driftwood, and we’ll all eat fish with you!

Plan a Girls Week at Driftwood!!!

Southie girls had their annual Girls Week at Driftwood.

Lots of laughs, good food, and drinks.

Stayed on the beach from 9:00 in the morning till 6:00 at night!

Reunite with your girlfriends in Lauderdale by the Sea.

Beach, Drink, Eat, Repeat!



Wake up to a Driftwood Sunrise!

Wake up to a Driftwood Sunrise!!!

It’s Massachusetts school vacation week! Go Bruins! Go Red Sox!!

Mike Renzi took this picture of the sunrise this morning…so calm, peaceful, and beautiful.

See you at the Driftwood Beach tomorrow morning at 7:30!

The Beach Patio Awaits You!!

Walk across to our beach patio for a sunrise…read a book…play cribbage…people watch…or just chill out in Paradise…

The weather is sunny every day and Driftwood Beach Club is waiting for you.

Driftwood Beach Sunrise

Meet on the beach patio every morning at 7:30 for incredible sunrises!

The weather has been perfect… in the 70’s and 80’s everyday.

All you need to pack is your suit and flip flops.

See you soon in paradise!

Driftwood’s Annual Meeting!

Annual Meeting – Next Monday

Please come to Driftwood’s Annual Meeting, Monday at 6:30PM.

President Mike Matuzak will report on all the improvements this year.

Pat Hodgson’s Treasurer’s Report will cover the 2014/2015 Budget, and Ellen will give her yearly Manager’s Report.

We look forward to seeing you.

P.S. Transportation from the airport to Driftwood….try TJ Tours-954-568-6011.  If he is unable to pick up, try Go Shuttle (800)244-8252.