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Hurricane Irma Update #3

Thank you for all your messages over the past week. As you know, our power, phones and internet have been out due to Hurricane. Lights are on…but we are still working to get our grounds back to PERFECT shape! Our staff and clean up crew have been amazing during this entire event!!

We are currently CLOSED to complete pool resurfacing and Bathroom renovations. We plan to reopen on September 23rd with intermittent water shut offs (because we are behind schedule).

Thank you for your understanding.


Hurricane Irma Update #2

Just a quick update. First and Foremost THANK YOU for your continued prayers and messages.
We are happy to report that all of our STAFF is SAFE !!!!

Photos and videos of LBTS post IRMA have shown no reports of any catastrophic damage in our area. (Click to continue reading …)However, there is still  a lot of clean up to be done and gaining access to the area is limited as there are trees down and vast power outages. As of now the Driftwood will remain closed until roads are accessible, power restored and it is completely safe for our staff to return.

As Florida is a second home to many of us it is the Primary home for our staff and we wish all of them the best as those who were forced to evacuate return and asses any damages in and around their own homes and neighborhoods. As everyone recovers from the events over the past few days please be patient awaiting updates. ALSO Please refrain from calling our offices until further notice!

A HUGE Thank You to Ellen and her staff for preparing the Driftwood for IRMA before heading to their own homes to prepare.

We will keep you all posted through this site & Facebook! Again our Prayers and well wishes to everyone who has been struck by IRMA!

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Driftwood Beach Club and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea are in the path of hurricane Irma and are therefore under a mandatory evacuation order. Once we have been given the “all clear” and we are able to return to the resort we will get back in touch. In the meantime, stay safe everyone!

Driftwood Beach Club Staff!

A Gem that remains a Local Secret!

You have your pick of beaches to visit,but Lauderdale-by-the-sea remains a local secret.

The quaint beachside hamlet is also one of the only locations in Florida where the three-tier natural coral reef system is close enough for visitors to swim out for snorkeling or diving.